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Get bonuses at UP-X

Use bonus codes from UP-X: All bonuses and promotions from UP-X

Since UP-X is a relatively young online casino, the owners of the site are quite generous with all sorts of bonuses and rewards. UP-X promo codes are regularly published in the official group "Vkontakte" from the casino. More promo codes can be found in the notifications from the site, and when you log in to the portal, the player is told "Turn on the notifications and find out about bonuses, promotions, codes on UP-X first!".

Get bonuses at UP-X

Bonuses at Up-X

UP-X bonuses

UP-X offers bonuses on a daily basis. At UP-X, bonuses are awarded for:

  • Subscribe to the group vkontakte;
  • Repost the entry from the official vkontakte group;
  • Writing reviews on the social network about the casino;
  • For participating in tournaments;
  • For completing daily tasks;
  • For the balance available for withdrawal on the account;
  • For spinning the wheel of fortune;
  • Opening Cases.

Some of these points deserve more detailed consideration.

1. Casino UP-X bonus to account balance

The amount available for withdrawal on the game balance is taken into account, the higher it is, the higher is the amount of the daily bonus. The bonus is calculated and credited daily at midnight. Maximum bonus rate is +1% to the amount available for withdrawal, but no more than +1000 bars per day (1 bar equals 1 ruble).

2. Wheel of Fortune

Spinning the wheel of fortune can be seen as a no deposit bonus in AP-X. Spinning the wheel can be 20 times a day with a frequency of once every 15 minutes by spinning the wheel, you can win from 0.2 to 1 gold bar (ruble). That is, with a certain amount of luck, the player can get up to 20 rubles a day, just spinning the wheel, which is a trifle, but pretty good.

Wheel of Fortune

3. Daily assignments

By completing daily tasks, the player earns the opportunity to open a case for free, the case may randomly contain from 10 to 1500 gold bars. Tasks are different each time, for example, may ask to replenish the game balance of 750 rubles or wagering 200 games in HI-LO.

4. Cases

When you open cases, you can get a random Casino Up-X bonus. The size of the bonus in each case is different, you can view the possible drop options from the case before you buy it.

Get bonuses at UP-X

Rules and conditions for wagering bonuses

AP-X bonuses can go to the main account, and can be on the bonus account. If the funds were in the bonus account, it must be wagered at a rate of x10 of the amount (as reported by technical support casino at the time of writing, the actual vager check with support or read the terms of the promotion), so the funds can be converted into real money.

Withdrawing UP-X funds

It is worth noting that in addition to bonuses, Casino Up-X for the withdrawal of funds must wagering and deposited to the main account of the real money in the amount of 100% of the amount deposited. That is, if a player has contributed conditionally $ 100, he must make bets on these $ 100, somehow use them on the platform, so they become available for withdrawal back.


AP-X is a young casino with pleasant conditions and a lot of interesting bonuses, sign up at AP-X and try your hand at the opportunities that the platform so far willingly provides!

Get bonuses at UP-X