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Use Slotozal promo code: always current bonuses from Slotozal Casino

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Slotozal is a casino founded in 2010. It was loved by many users due to its generous rewards and a large number of games (more than 1000 slots). In this article, you will learn how to pick up the most current bonuses without using a Slotozal promo code.

Welcome bonuses for registration

When a player starts playing at Slotozal casino and has already created a user account, he can pick up from slotozal casino no deposit bonus for registration.

This generous gift can be received simply by confirming your email after registration. The gift is 100 game bonuses, then they can be exchanged for real money at the internal rate.

The fun part starts when you make a deposit. Once you have an account at the casino and received slotozal bonus for registration you are asked to pick up 125% bonus to your deposit. Slotozal casino gives you 4 days 10 hours to use your bonus. And be careful - rewards will happen if the deposit amount will be more than 5000 rubles.

Take away the deposit bonus

You won't get a birthday present, but you will get regular cash promos. The main thing here is to constantly monitor the updates of ongoing promotions, so as not to miss the opportunity to increase your deposit in a short period of time.

Slotozal Casino Loyalty Program

Once you've taken away from slotozal casino no deposit bonus and received a boost to your account for depositing, your immediate goal will be to move up the ladder of statuses.

You will start your way, as all newly registered users do, with the status of "Newbie". Then climbing the ladder of statuses you will get such bonuses as:

  • Cash bonuses;
  • Freespins;
  • Cashback (return of lost funds);
  • Bonus points;
  • Exchanging points for real money;
  • Double or triple the points you receive;
  • Access to VIP tournaments;
  • VIP mascot;
  • Free spin on Wheel of Fortune;

For each step you are entitled to a reward. Top up your balance - you get money on your account in the form of bonuses. If you make a bet, you get bonus points and exchange them for real money. And if it happens that the bet didn't win, you get cashback, i.e., a portion of the lost money.

Slotozla casino user statuses

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Slotozal: withdrawal and wagering bonuses

The conditions of wagering bonus funds and slotozal promo codes are described in the ongoing promotions. The conditions may differ depending on the ongoing promotions. "The wagering means to wager a specific amount during the game, and it does not matter whether you win or lose. Every spin of the reel will be counted, in which you have made a bet with real money.

Slotozal Casino Bonuses

Do not forget about the wagering coefficient - wager. This is the number by which to multiply the amount of the bonus and the resulting value must be wagering, betting. As an example, having a bonus with weiger x10, so to withdraw the money 1,000 RUB it is necessary to make bets on 10,000 RUB. 

To sum it up, Slotozal Casino is constantly running generous promotions and giving big bonuses to its users. The loyalty program will appeal to new and existing players. Visit the site, take all possible bonuses from casino Slotozal and enjoy your winnings and the game.

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