Online multiplayer strategy UP-X

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Online multiplayer strategy UP-X

«UP-X multiplayer online such a query you can find this not quite ordinary online casino. The thing is that the site Ap-X contains inside itself only a few gambling games, but it is not the most standard slot machines.

The Ap-X official site contains the following gambling mini-games inside:

  • Crash;
  • Roulette;
  • Cases;
  • Classic;
  • DICE;
  • Miner;
  • Ladder;
  • Coin;
  • Cards;
  • KENO;
  • HI-LO.
UP-X Review

They, on the one hand, are characterized by their simplicity and clarity, but on the other hand, give the player the opportunity to influence the gameplay. That is the uniqueness of slot machines in UP-X, that in addition to pure luck, here you can pick a strategy of behavior in a particular game to increase your own chances of winning.

UP-X registration

UP-X online multiplayer strategy game: full review

 Online casino AP-X has been operating for three years, during this time the resource has had time to form a certain confidence rating, and the players have developed a strategic approach to the games provided at the site.

Let's go over four strategies for several popular games on the site:

  • Strategy for the game "Classic

In UP-X, the online strategy for the game "Classic" is extremely simple, but requires a reserve of money. It is necessary to enter the game at the last seconds and make the maximum bet, very rarely the win in the classic goes to the player with the minimum bet.

  • Strategy for the game "Crash

When launching this game, make sure to open it is up x official site, it is available by clicking the button "Registration in UP-X", "Crash" is quite a popular game, which scammers create parody sites, similar in appearance to the original portal.

The Crash Game

The winning strategy in the game "Crash" is moderation, in theory, if you bet arbitrary amounts and early exit the band at x1.2, you can eventually accumulate a nice amount of winnings than if you try to catch a larger multiplier at the risk of losing the entire bet amount.

  • Strategy for the game ladder

There are many strategies for the ladder, the most reliable, as in the case of "Crash", is considered moderate, choose 6 stones and make only one step, take the odds x1.36.

  • Strategy for the game Miner

Since the bombs are placed randomly, it is difficult to choose a strategy, there are two optimal solutions. In the first option, if you can risk large sums, the best option is to put the maximum number of bombs at once and enable automatic selection, if you're lucky, you can score a big win. In the second option put 5 bombs and leave the game after four moves, suitable for players whose capital is limited.

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Advantages of UpX

The main advantage of AP-EX is, as already noted, the unusual nature of the games, playing which can significantly improve your chances by choosing a suitable strategy for your budget and style of play.

Another advantage of UP-X is the relative youth of the casino, the site is interested in its own promotion and in the retention of players, so in every way encourages their activity. For example, you can get bonuses in UP-X for writing reviews, and in the group "vkontakte" regularly published promotional codes to stimulate views. There is a rather pleasant affiliate program of 10% of the deposits of the invited referrals.

Advantages of UpX

UP-X support responds fairly quickly and informatively, with an average response time of 5 to 30 minutes.

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UP-X loyalty program

The loyalty program in UP-X is implemented in the form of ranks, by making deposits and betting, players earn points that increase their rank within the platform. For each new rank the player receives a one-time cash bonus, the last two ranks in addition to the one-time cash bonus also give the player a permanent percentage cashback within the platform. To be promoted to the rank of "Cheat" (penultimate rank) the player must earn 50,000 points, this rank will give an additional 2% cashback on all transactions within the platform, and upon reaching the rank of "Boss" (100,000 points required) the cashback will increase to 3%. Kashback from rank is combined with other bonuses that the player receives within the platform.

UP-X registration

UP-X withdrawal

UP-X Casino withdraws money only to the payment details from which players have deposited funds. On average, it takes from a few minutes to three banking days to withdraw money in UP-X. Almost all popular payment systems are available for deposit and withdrawal:

  • Bank cards;
  • Cryptocurrencies;
  • Electronic payment systems (kiwi, webmani, etc.)
  • Replenishment through mobile operators.

To withdraw funds, the player must make them bet at a rate of 100% of the amount of the deposit.


UP X interesting casino, despite its young age, definitely deserves attention and offers nice terms of cooperation. Go to the official site and try your hand at slots, applying different game strategies!

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