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Mirror Booi

Working mirror casino Booi

If a player needs to find an alternative entrance to Booi Casino, because the usual way of entering will not open, you can use a mirror site. Site mirror is a complete copy of the main domain gambling site, copies of the full repeats of all the functionality available in the casino, the copies are available:

  • All slot machines;
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds;
  • The possibility of authorization and registration;
  • Passing verification;
  • Use of bonuses;
  • Contact Technical Support.
Booi Online Casino Private Office

When logging in to Booi Casino new mirror you can use your old login details, you do not need to create a new account, you can access your account on any of the mirrors, just by entering your username and password, you will have your current account and the current number of bonuses.

Mirror Booi

Why does the Booi site need a mirror?

Since gambling is banned in the Russian Federation, the casino has no official representation in Russia and provides access for players bypassing Russian legislation. Because of this casino, despite its honesty and transparency, is regularly blocked by Roskomnadzor, so some players may experience difficulties to enter the page with slot machines. The working Booi mirror allows to bypass this restriction, maintaining uninterrupted access for players from Russia, regardless of their city and Internet service provider.

Working mirror Booi

Mirror Booi

Booi Casino: new mirror

If you don't know how to get access to Booi Casino's site, and the former address you know is blocked, you can always write to the official email of the project. If the situation is urgent, there is no possibility or desire to wait for a response from technical support email address, you can call the official phone number. Technical support will tell you the actual domain address, with which you can log in to the game platform.

The list of mirrors can be requested in advance, each of the mirrors is a link with technical support through the chat site, if you ask technical support to issue a list of working mirrors, they will satisfy the player's request quickly enough.

Online Support Booi

The casino has no official mobile application, if there are problems with access to the links you know, do not download any applications that call themselves this gambling platform, otherwise fraudsters will steal your login details and then the funds from your balance. It is not recommended to follow the links found on the net on your own, it is better to ask for the links exactly from the technical support service, so as not to run into phishing fakes.


Check the actual version of the mirror at technical support, but better write down a list of official mirrors in advance and let nothing prevent you from crashing in the most popular in the Russian-speaking space online casino!

Mirror Booi