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Working mirror Up X

Для АП-Икс зеркало рабочее можно получить по кнопке, указанной выше. Есть еще один способ: связаться с технической поддержкой,  отписав в личные сообщения группы вконтакте. В этой же группе можно найти промокоды на классные бонусы.

UP-X bonuses

Picking up UP-X mirror, the official resource and fraudulent fake easy to confuse, because the mirror in any case has a different address from the original domain, so it is better to clarify the information with technical support and use only official mirrors.

Mirror UP-X

Why does the UP-X site need a mirror?

The site UP-X actual mirror helps to present users with uninterrupted access to the platform, as domain addresses are blocked with some frequency by Roskomnadzor (any online casinos are banned in Russia). As for the countries where gambling is officially allowed, the mirror just helps to get access to the platform in case something happened to the original domain.


All mirrors from AP-X contain the same data as the original domain. All bonuses, achievements and balance are saved in the player's personal cabinet, and all lots available to play, which are available on the original domain.

Mirror UP-X

UP-X: the new mirror

The new mirror can be obtained from the technical support, the data for communication are listed at the beginning of the article.

And you can also download the official mobile app and get uninterrupted access to the gaming platform without having to pick up mirrors. You can download the app version for android and iOS by clicking "Mirror UP-X".


UP-X is a young casino with a ton of features and a mobile app, definitely worth looking into and trying your luck!

Mirror UP-X